Currently the company grown arts is a sole proprietorship represented by Florian Haase. The company’s vision is to develop digital media and video games that deal with difficult and social (taboo) topics that motivate players to deal intrinsically and actively with these issues. Players grow with their video game worlds, so not only do they grow and age themselves, but also their everyday challenges and stories. With its vision of making video games with difficult themes interactive, educational and yet entertaining, grown arts is a company with an extraordinary orientation.

With “Paws and Leaves – A Thracian Tale” this vision will begin and deal with the topics of death and dying, while at the same time stimulating reflection and entertainment. In the near future, with further positive development, the company will reorganized into a corporate company in order to be able to drive the company and its projects forward.

The sole proprietorship also offers media competence training and further education. A cooperation with Kultur trifft Digital, by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, has already been concluded in order to build up further pillars of a company which will support the vision of the extraordinary alignment through digital media and video games.

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