First of all, I am very sorry that I missed some update on last week. It is currently an intense time with lot of changes in the development process.

Actually there is nothing new I can talk with you right now. Only one thing I can share with you is that someone is currently working on the storyline of the game. It is someone who really knows how to write stories, also he is not unknown as german storyteller – won several prizes with his stories. It is something, that makes me feel honored, that the person seems to like that project to help out, but could work for some bigger productions instead.

It is great to see what experience he can offer in a short period of time. Honestly I am pretty excited on the ideas he discussed with me yesterday and I can’t wait to have the whole idea.

Well wait, something more:

Good news: I am at the genial verpLANt #28 from 03.04. and 04.04.2020 having a small booth. 

Bad news: I hope to have some “new prototype” to share but it gets difficult tbh, since the story has a deadline in the end of March. Anyway, I love this event since it offers me more time with people who are interested in the game. The old prototype is still fully playable so you can play that as often as you want. But I can switch the content to the development sandbox, to show off in depth, what changes are done and how it looks like today, while having a drink or ten and deeper chats than on bigger fairs like gamescom or dreamhack. 

That is a point I need to figure out. I got an offer to present the company on gamescom in the business area this year, but the costs… uff. I am really struggling if its the right time to spend over 2000€ into this for three days. On the other side the IndieArenaBooth could be an alternative, but its kind of a lottery to get some space. Its pretty hard. I love such events but it could be to early right now to step back again into the public with something not finished so far. But I can tell you, after this concept funding, the concept will be polished enough to apply for the prototype fundings. 

Thats all for today!  

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