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This is the story of a young fox’s premature death. While discovering a forest, you will learn how to interact with the world step by step and start see it in new playful ways, while you help Me to remember his senses. You will need the help of time and seasons to find pieces of your memory that lead the way through this very emotional journey.

Paws and Leaves – A Thracian Tale is a 3rd person story-driven game in which you will be experiencing the journey of the cutest fox of foxes. His name is Me. You will be confronted with the beautiful and joyful, but also with sorrowful and sad moments in the life of the fox.


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Programming / Game Design / Project Lead

Florian Haase

(involved in all development areas)

Concept Art

Viktoria Sinner

3D Art

Erik Münch
Mia Straub


Wolfgang Walk

Music / Soundtrack

Clement Panchout