I think everybody’s nuts.

Johnny Depp

Nuts? Is it some kind of pay2win crap?

Well, no it is not. As I talked in my previous blog entry about changes, this might be some more. A lot of people during the Dreamhack asked me about how they could help me out, spending some money for the development and so on.

Nuts are “bonus points” that you can earn for
a) buying merch in our store,
b) spending money in our crowdfunding campaigns,
c) be aware of some social nuts and spread the word,
d) or just simply login once a week!

With Nuts you are able to uncover our exclusive content. For example some behind-the-scenes content, wallpapers, interviews on how things work in the game.

You get… more, but not more in our games.

Nuts are pieces of your support. By buying Nuts you will tip us money that we put into our prototypes and additions for, e.g. gamescom. It will help us, or currently me, to get additional volunteers that will help to run a booth or having a budget for goodies and give aways.

The more Nuts you collect, the more you will get out of it. You can read and download more exclusive content, you can even get into the prototypes, mentioned in the credits.

You can become a part of our development-flow.

We want to get you involved, not even for one game. In the future we plan to start different crowdfunding campaigns, for different games that fullfil our vision. You will be a part of the development till we think, the prototype is ready to get into production.

For a limited time you will get some BONUS Nuts for your registration as early squirrel. So what are you waiting for?

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