Happy new year!

Helloo patreons,

first of all I wish you a happy and healthy new year! To be honest with you, I didn’t really realized yet, that we are already in 2020. For me the year started directly on the 01.01. with a business trip. Since then I didn’t have had a day off, yet. In late december the final fund notification arrived by nordmedia and so I am now rich and leaving the country – just kidding. Since then I am really busy. I gave a four days workshop in Heiligenhafen for kids. It was quiet funny and intense days.

Back at home on sunday, I started with the more work. Currently I dont see any time slot to get back on the work on the sandbox :(. First of all I need to work more again on the concept, overhall the game design documents and so on. So much paper stuff to carry out the upcoming weeks. 

Today I started to fill my project management tool with tons of tickets, milestones, and ideas. Very soonish I will start working with some author to polish the whole story about the game, but till then I need to declare every single thing I want to declare. Project management is a nice thing but the project starts to blow up itself with more and more tasks.

Till end of June the concept-phase should be completly done, as well as a new concept prototype which I can take with me to gamescom this year. Yes, I am planning to attend the gamescom.

Peace out!

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