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Welcome at grownarts
The Studio
The company grownarts is a sole proprietorship represented by Florian Haase. The company’s vision is to develop digital media and video games that deal with difficult and social (taboo) topics and motivate players to engage intrinsically and actively with these topics.

Players grow with their video game worlds, so not only do they grow and age, but so do their everyday challenges and stories. With its vision to make video games with difficult themes interactive, educational and yet entertaining, grownarts is a company with an extraordinary focus.

This vision will start with Paws and Leaves – A Thracian Tale and will address the topics of death and dying and at the same time inspire reflection and entertainment. In the near future, if the company continues to develop positively, it will be converted into a corporation in order to be able to drive the company and its projects forward.

The sole proprietorship also offers media training and continuing education. A cooperation with Kultur trifft Digital, from the Stiftung Digitale Chancen, has already been established to build further pillars of a company that will support the vision of an exceptional focus with digital media and video games.

Our Team:


PHILIPP GRASHORN (Programming)  


SID MOIKOW (2D Artist)

Game development

Paws and Leaves

A Thracian Tale

Paws and Leaves – A Thracian Tale is a 3rd person adventure game in which the player will experience the journey of the cutest fox of foxes. His name is Me. The player is confronted with the beautiful and joyful, but also with the sorrowful and sad moments in the fox’s life.

Supporter SHOP

We are often asked whether you can support us in any way. We now offer you the opportunity to do so. In our small “Supporter Shop” you can get hold of digital goodies to download. For example, we have made our small comics, which we distributed at Gamescom 2023, available here in our shop as a download in German and English.

We will update our shop from time to time and fill it with new goodies.

🐾Thank you for your support!🐾

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A Beary Friendship (PHYSICAL BOOKLET) A Beary Friendship (PHYSICAL BOOKLET)

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A Beary Friendship (DOWNLOAD PDF) A Beary Friendship (DOWNLOAD PDF)
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In addition to the development of video games, we would like to pass on our expertise and experience and, above all, teach our young generation a responsible approach to media through our workshops on the topics of video games and digital media. Florian Haase works as a media education specialist on behalf of Kultur trifft Digital on the road. From workshops dealing with basic computer skills to so-called Game Jam, up to basic courses in 3D engines like Unity, these are only a few topics for which we are happy to share our expertise and media competence with your target group. The duration of such an offer varies depending on the desired scope.

But it is not only our adolescent generation that is interested in media education and media literacy promotion. That’s why we also offer our workshops tailored to the target group of adult continuing education and training.
“Precisely to do valuable work, one must play, that means tinker, try, experiment.” (Emanuel Lasker)
Last but not least, seniors also enjoy video game afternoons where they ” play ” extensively with each other, just like the young ones.
If you don’t have any ideas about what topics might be interesting for workshops, further education and training, we have put together a few suggestions for you here:
  • Serious Games & Gamification
  • Stars sitting in front of the screen
  • Approaches and suggestions for (school) lessons
  • What are microtransactions / lootboxes and why they can be dangerously addictive
  • Game Development Introduction – How to make a game?
  • Level design
  • Heroes & Characters
  • Storytelling
Impressions of past events


We compile the topics around video games individually for your target group. Please feel free to contact us for non-binding inquiries.
  • Consulting
  • Storytelling
  • UI / UX, Marketing
  • Asset production (2D / 3D)
  • Conception and production of video games
  • More about games and gaming on request