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Next Stop: Wild West

You want to test the current prototype? Well, next week from 12.04. – 14.04. you have got a chance (no aprils fool). Me will be at the genial verpLANt #26 in northern Germany (Brake).

First rocky stepsexcl 

It all started with this screenshot. In the first few steps of making the game were very personal and crazy… It could drive you nuts… true story!

Hello, mic, check one, two

Well, I like teamspeak more but hey, we got a discord server, so feel free to join. Let us start to build a big fox’s den, with pizza, lot of pizza…

Nuts, pay2win?

Well, no it is not. As I talked in my previous blog entry about changes, this might be some more. A lot of people during the Dreamhack asked me about how they could help me out, spending some money for the development and so on. This can be a way…

Accepting the change

This is my / our first entry in our blog and maybe the first time you hear about grown arts. grown arts is existing now since december 2018 and is basically a single company so far. Nothing really changed since the start of the project of “me – a tale of paws and leaves”. But some things did…