Hello my fellows!

The new year started as you know very busy. I am really working hard to overhall the existing concept, to make it complete, not only I am planning on the game itself, also I am planning on some playable teaser.

I talked meanwile not only on the discord about “playable teasers” and I am perfectly fine to plan it into my pipeline. I am pretty sure that it can be a really strong piece to let the player be teased on what the full game will be.

Above some first concept arts of the year. But they are not yet finished. I call me not an artist, since I am basically just work with shapes and copy pasting them into my sceneries till they fit my expectation. They are not in that quality I would print them, never! 

Top left you see some scenery of autumn, Top right, some winter, down right spring and finally down left summer.

These concepts are just a glimpse, but for my work further they are very important for the story elements I am currently working on. They give me some feeling on how the story will develop. These are really first thoughts while i am redesigning it. Hope you like it!


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