“Sometimes we need to accept changes, so did I…”
Hello to all you people out there,

This is my / our first entry in our blog and maybe the first time you hear about grown arts. grown arts is existing now since december 2018 and is basically a single company so far. Nothing really changed since the start of the project of “me – a tale of paws and leaves”.

Last months I was almost buisy with business-stuff that is not my favorite work at all. As you can imagine personally I would love to work more on the game instead of working in sheets of numbers, calulating, planning, adjusting again and again how I could survive the indie stage in the beginning without any budget. As you may know this project is beside my normal day-work that pays the bills in the beginning of every month.

The Dreamhack in the end of February was one of the best motivational pushes I’ve ever had for the project. Till then I requested fundings, attended competitions, talked to my banks for credit, frustrating.

Banks want to have guarantees, for publishers the game prototype is not in state where they get on the boat and for funds you need own budget between 20-50% of the project scale. Dump isnt it?

I can tell you from developer perspective, you will take things into account, social and financial. Hopefully it is worth it – I believe in it. So I think currently most of the time how I can get some money for the development, attending the gamescom this year and so on.

In the upcoming weeks, I will get more into the funding things, talking with people who can help me correcting the submission. Often I was asked:

“Why do you do not make a kickstarter?”

Simple answered:

The prototype is not ready for it. I talked some weeks ago with a publisher and they agreed on it, they think also that the prototype is not in a state they would invest. Its not about the content that is implemented yet. Its because of me. Well, some kind of. Its more that I was working most of the time alone on it and I am not good at everything, no one is.

Well a friend of mine said some day:

“Florian, well, maybe you are not a good programmer, nor a good designer, but you know what you are good at it?
You have a feeling on how things work in games, how they are staged perfectly, you have definately a vision for it.”

That quote is always coming to my mind, when some things get stuck or getting slowed down. There are so many things about the game that I am not good at, for example the story. I hate to write texts, it is work for me, hard work. Also the dialogues for the current game, totally crap. Currently someone is working on it. But it was tough for me to give it out of my hands, because… well I have a vision for the game, for the whole thing and I believe that some day you can play and have a very nice experience.

It was a change for me in my mind. I accepted it, and hope that it will help the project to make it the game you deserve.

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